[Swallowing disorders in patients after the laryngeal cancer surgery].


Anatomical and functional changes of the oral cavity, pharynx and larynx due to malignant tumor surgery and irradiation, cause breathing, swallowing, phonation and lung protection disorders. Deglutition disorders and choking are observed in all patients who have undergone supracricoid laryngectomy. We presented 33 patients after supracricoid laryngectomy with simultaneous CHEP (6) or CHP (27) reconstructions. 18 patients had one arytenoid cartilage removed, in 1 patient both of them were removed. Removal of the stomach tube took place between 29-36th day after the surgery. 4 patients showed symptoms of the aspiration pneumonia. Difficulties in swallowing liquids persist in some cases even a few years after the surgery. Re-education and rehabilitation of swallowing is the predominant problem and the most important goal after the CHP and CHEP surgery.


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